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New Events!
Check out the latest and greatest! You might need to level up a little.

- Mogloween Returns!
- Sandsea Hidden Tomb (Lv 13+)

Random Adventure (All Levels!)
Random Adventure will send you into battle with other adventurers from around Lore! You will be able to gain Battle Gems which you can take to Cysero to craft all types of items! Are you ready?
*You will not be able to stay with your party*
- Assault Keep
- Bothvar's Castle
- Doomwood Dungeon
- Greenguard Caves
- Wind Assault
- Yulgar Fight
Let's Go!

Town of Battleon (Level 1-5)
Battleon is the safe haven for heroes like you.
- Yulgars Inn
- Class Trainers
- Cysero's Weapon Shop
- Warlic's Magic Shoppe
- Aria's Pet Shop
- Battleon Bank
- Barber Shop
- Battleon Guardian Tower
- Past Battleon

Greenguard (Level 3-10)
The lush green forests and countryside of Greenguard helps protect Battleon from the scourge of outside dangers.
- Greenguard Forest
- Traveler's Bend raresmall.png
- Green Ravine
- Barrow Point
- The Heartwood
- Livingstone Caverns
- Livingstone Alcove
- Westmere
- DreadFool's Labyrinth

World Tree (Level 8)
Home of the Shaman Slifsgaard. The World Tree is the hub of the Elemental Planes and where they connect to our plane and all planes in existence.

- Tree Temple

Doomwood (Level 10-15)
Spooky forest and grim undead await in this haunted wasteland.
- Doomwood Forest
- Bonecliffs
- Shadowskull Bridge
- Shadowskull Tower
- Island of the Dead

Dragon Graveyard (Level 12)
Deep in the pit of an ancient crater lives the Dragon Graveyard. What secrets does this mystical place hold?

- Dragon Graveyard

Ashfall (Level 13-20)
Once a home to peaceful humans and dwarves, this volcanic area is now teeming with dragons and their minions.
- Dragonslayer Camp
- Galanoth's Tent
- Lower Fire Fields
- Upper Fire Fields
- The Slabs
- Brimston Ruins
- Magma Mines
- Tower Pass
- Volcano Camp
- Salire Draco

Underworld (Level 15)
The place for all things that have died. If you are lucky you can join the Undead Legion and fight for the Lord of the Underworld Dage the Evil.
- Underworld Gate

Mysterious Islands (Level 16-22)
No one knows just how many Mysterious Islands there are because they just keep appearing and disappearing. Maybe it has something to do with being centrally located in the Devil's Rhombus.

- Lolosia
- Yokai Island
- Pointe Less Isle

Frostvale (Level 18)
Home to the Frost Moglins, and the front gates of the dreaded Frostlorn Castle. This area is a level 20 area, but all are welcome to visit.

- Frostvale

Darkovia (Level 18-25)
As a land of eternal night, it's the perfect battleground in the unending war between vampires and werewolves.
- Darkhurst Town
- Darkovia Castle

Arcangrove (Level 24-27)
Magi everywhere flock to the massive forest of Arcangrove. A lush, heavily wooded area filled with magical flora and fauna and home to the famous Arcangrove Tower of Magic!
- Arcangrove Forest

Death's Lair
Hidden in plain sight is the super secretive lair of none other than the Grim Reaper.

- Death's Lair
- Death's Challenge

- Blue Ogre Cave
- Pointe Less Isle Go to PointeLess Isle

Special Locations
These locations are very unique.

- Hero Hangout

Location: Battleon Town Square
Note: Previously called "Travel Crystal".

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