Treasure Chests


What is the Treasure Chests button on my Main Menu?

Treasure Chests are a new and unique way to get exclusive items. This feature was added during the Treasure Chest Update and it will be like your daily login reward.

How do Treasure Chests work?

Every day (exactly 23 hours), you have the chance to open your daily chest. To open your daily chest, you simply have to go to Treasure Chests menu which is located on the Main Menu and then click/tap on "Daily Chest".

There is no need to constantly check whether if you can get your daily chest. There is a built-in function that will let you know when your daily chest is ready to be collected. If you are able to get your chest, a red circle with a white exclamation mark will appear in your main menu button (bottom right corner) or you can simply open your main menu and check if that red circle with the white exclamation mark appears next to the Treasure Chests button.

As of 01/29/20 release, you can now get one Soldier's Chest after leveling up starting at level 4.

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Every chest will contain 3 items but the rarity of those items will depend on the type of chest:

  • Soldier's Chest
    • Uncommon or higher item x 1
    • Additional random loot item x 1
    • Dragon Crystals
  • Warlord's Chest (Can be bought for 400 Dragon Crystals)
    • Rare or higher item x 1
    • Additional random loot items x 2
  • Emperor's Chest (Can be bought for 1,000 Dragon Crystals)
    • Epic or higher item x 1
    • Additional random loot items x 2

If you obtain a duplicate item (not including random loot items), the item received will be converted to Treasure Shards. These shards can be used to purchase items from Chest Shop which includes items you would get by opening chests. The random loot items cannot be bought from this shop.

The type of chest you will get will depend on your "chest calendar". You can check your "chest calendar" in your Treasure Chest button from the Main Menu. If for some reason, you cannot collect your daily chest, your "chest calendar" won't reset, so no need to worry about missing chests. The "chest calendar" will automatically reset once you collect all 28 chests.


Treasure Chest Drop Rates?

Shown in the image below are the treasure chest drop rates.

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