General Gaspar (Leader of Bastion's Town Guard): Now, what do we have here?
Hero: A complete and potentially hysterical misunderstanding?
General Gaspar: That could be the case.
General Gaspar: Though to my eye, it looks like we got a potential troublemaker.
General Gaspar: And I don't take kindly to troublemakers in my town.
Hero: I assure you I wasn't looking to cause any trouble.
General Gaspar: Then why are you here?
Hero: Would you believe me if I said I was looking for a magic lamp?
General Gaspar: A magic lamp, you say?
General Gaspar: Now that sounds like a whole mess of trouble…
General Gaspar: And you already know my feelings about that.
General Gaspar: So how's about you let my guards escort you outside all swift and quiet like?
Hero: Or — and hear me out — we could just let bygones be bygones.
General Gaspar: Hmm… now that's a thought…
General Gaspar: But I'm afraid I like my idea much better.
General Gaspar: Get 'em, boys!

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