True Love and a Song


Evette (Lonely Necromancer): Yay! Whatever you said to Jonathan… It worked!
Evette (Lonely Necromancer): He's MUCH more docile now.
Hero: I'm… happy for you?
Evette (Lonely Necromancer): You were totally right, Voltaire! This WAS the best way to find love!
Aurelio Voltaire (Gothic Pirate Scarbusker): And if you can't find it… Make it yourself!
Evette (Lonely Necromancer): Exactly!
Hero: Man, that's SO messed up.
Aurelio Voltaire (Gothic Pirate Scarbusker): To celebrate, how about I play an unreleased song from my upcoming album, The Black Labyrinth!
Evette (Lonely Necromancer): A…. NEW SONG!?
Aurelio Voltaire (Gothic Pirate Scarbusker): Just talk to me when you're ready to start the show.

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