True Master of Tower


Noxus (Master Lich): Most Impressive <hero>!
Noxus (Master Lich): Alas, defeating this body means nothing…
Noxus (Master Lich): …Another Greater Shadow will be carried here to take possession of Noxus's Lich Body.
*Nox's Body crumbles back to the ground*
Hero: Can't wait to hear what you have to say next… shadow.
Shadow: *whispers* As you see what I trully am… I also see your true power…
Shadow: *whispers* You are destined for so much more…
Shadow: *whispers* Let me be your guide…
Hero: No.
Shadow: What!?
Shadow: But, I can tell you the secret to destroying the other shadows..
Hero: You won't.
Hero: Because then I would also know how to destroy you.
Shadow: But I can tell you how to restore Noxus… The real Master of the Tower.
Hero: You won't.
Hero: Because you need this body.
Shadow: But you need me!
Hero: I don't.
Hero: You are the one who needs me.
Shadow: ….
Hero: Get… Back… in the Staff.
Shadow: As you wish… Master.
*The shadow binds to your doomstaff once more*
Hero: Just like old times…
NecroStaff of Doom (YOUR DOOM WEAPON): *whispers* The Tower of Necromancy has so many more secrets to be discovered…
NecroStaff of Doom (YOUR DOOM WEAPON): *whispers* If I were you, I would return to read the Necronomicon in the lobby….
NecroStaff of Doom (YOUR DOOM WEAPON): *whispers* You can strengthen me. It would be my PLEASURE to help you defeat whichever of my brethren who inhabit Nox's body.

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