True Nature of the Party


Lady Garnett (Greeter): Welcome back <Hero>.
Lady Garnett (Greeter): Are you having a good time at the party?
Hero: I did it.
Hero: All four masks…
Hero: Here you go.
«Scene: Lady Garnett looks at <Hero> in disbelief.»
Lady Garnett (Greeter): Unbelievable…
Lady Garnett (Greeter): You… you…
Lady Garnett (Greeter): Actually did this?!
Lady Garnett (Greeter): Well, I guess none of the nobles are laughing at you now.
Hero: Actually, they were.
Hero: Which sorta makes me think…
Hero: These masks are going to summon an ancient evil abomination of some sort.
Lady Garnett (Greeter): Hahahahaha!
Lady Garnett (Greeter): Hahahahahahahahahahaha!
Hero: Yeah. Thought so.
Hero: It's time for you to start answering my questions.
Hero: What's REALLY going on at this party?
Hero: What did you do to that gil who came looking for my help at the inn…
Lady Garnett (Greeter): Oh, my dear <Class>.
Lady Garnett (Greeter): See, the dance floor is actually a summoning circle.
Hero: It's square.
Lady Garnett (Greeter): Fine. It's a summoning square.
Hero: And all these masks?
Lady Garnett (Greeter): The masks? They are symbolic…
Hero: You're kidding me!
Lady Garnett (Greeter): Now… now… a gift from each monstrous lord and lady is part of the ritual.
Lady Garnett (Greeter): We lure humans here in search of the strongest…
Lady Garnett (Greeter): For the sacrifice.
Lady Garnett (Greeter): The greater and more powerful the sacrifice…
Lady Garnett (Greeter): The more pleased our host will be.
Hero: What?!
Lady Garnett (Greeter): *Whispers* Want to guess who the sacrifice is?
Hero: You did this?!
Lady Garnett (Greeter): Me? The entire masquerade party is in on it!
Lady Garnett (Greeter): They were just playing along…
Hero: What about the girl…? She looked ill…
Princess Pike (Stranger): Oh me? I'm Princess Pike, by the way…
Princess Pike (Stranger): This is my favorite part.
Princess Pike (Stranger): How I LOVE seeing the look on their face…
Princess Pike (Stranger): "Oooh… Ooooh… will a big strong hero like you save little old me…"
Lady Garnett (Greeter): Hahahahahahaha!
Hero: That was just an act?
Hero: You tricked me here?!
Princess Pike (Stranger): You? Oh no, no, no…
Princess Pike (Stranger): I tricked all you… humans… here.
Princess Pike (Stranger): And <Hero>, would you like to know the best part?
Princess Pike (Stranger): Even though you know… everything…
Princess Pike (Stranger): You are STILL going to summon our host…
Princess Pike (Stranger): The Masked Macabre!
Hero: And why would I do that?
Lady Garnett & Princess Pike: Loot.
Hero: You have a good point there.
Lady Garnett (Greeter): But if you fail to slay the Masked Macabre…
Lady Garnett (Greeter): You will become a part of it.
Princess Pike (Stranger): It will gain all of your skills…
Princess Pike (Stranger): All of your powers…
Princess Pike (Stranger): All of your knowledge…
Hero: So, what you are saying is…
Hero: It will know you guys are all pretentious jerks.
Princess Pike (Stranger): Haha! I told you this one would be fun, Lardy Garnett.
Lady Garnett (Greeter): Perhaps we should not underestimate this human.
Princess Pike (Stranger): Oh… that remains to be seen…
Lady Garnett (Greeter): Go on, summon the Masked Macabre!

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