True Weaver Stealer


Mustang: Oh! Uh… If it isn't <hero>! W-w-what brings you over here ?
Hero: Listen, It's been a long day, so I'm going to cut to the chase—
Mustang: Someone's taken Winnie's scissors, and you think it's me ?
Hero: Uh…
Mustang: I don't know who told you to come snooping around here, But they're a liar!
Hero: Whoa! I think we are getting ahead of ourselves here.
Mustang: OK, I confess. It was me! Please don't take me to the brig!
Hero: Wow. I'm better at this detective stuff than I thought.
Hero: I mean… I knew it was you the entire time.
Mustang: Well, me and Theoric. But I assume you already figured that out, too.
Hero: Of course, I did… you're talking to a professional here.
Hero: But, uh… maybe you and Theoric could explain it all to me… so that I can confirm my theories.

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