Trustyworthy Stranger


General Gaspar: Boy, oh boy. You sure put a whoopin' to those rebels.
General Gaspar: Perhaps I was too quick to pass judgement on you earlier.
Hero: Like I said, I'm here to help.
General Gaspar: And to "help", you need to find this so-called magic lamp?
Hero: Exactly!
General Gaspar: So it's in my best interest to assist you in finding this lamp?
Hero: Yes! Finally, we're making progress.
General Gaspar: My, oh my. You think I was born yesterday.
General Gaspar: You want me to let a stranger snoop around the desert for things that don't belong to 'em?
General Gaspar: This here is Lord Sekt's territory…
General Gaspar: And only allies of Lord Sekt are permitted to cross the desert wasteland.
Hero: Then consider me an ally.
Hero: I'm here to protect all of Lore, and that includes the Sandsea.
Hero: To do that, I need to make sure the lamp doesn't end up in the wrong hands.
General Gaspar: Even if the lamp were to exist — and I'm not saying it does…
General Gaspar: How am I to know you aren't going to use the lamp or your own nefarious means?
Hero: That's… a really good point.
Hero: I guess I just have to prove that I'm someone you can trust.
General Gaspar: OK… I think we can work something out.
General Gaspar: How about you start by putting up these wanted posters around the town?
Hero: And doing this will make you trust me?
General Gaspar: No, but it's a start. So get crackin'.

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