Truth Unfolded


Theoric: Hello, Again! Change your mind about buying some potions ?
Mustang: You can cut the act, Theoric. <hero> knows we did it.
Theoric: Rats. Well, the truth was bound to come out.
Hero: Okay, you two. Why don't you tell me what happened ?
Mustang: Well, Theoric and I wanted to get Winnie something special for her birthday.
Mustang: She's always going above and beyond for other people, so we thought we could do the same for her.
Theoric: Mustang had the idea of making a decorative sheath for Winnie's prized scissors.
Mustang: Figured it'd be cute, you know ? Like a little tailored suit for her scissors.
Theoric: So we borrowed the scissors while she was away to make the sheath.
Mustang: But then she returned from lunch before we could put it back.
Hero: Now she thinks someone stole her scissors.
Mustang: And we're too afraid to confess now that so much time has passed.
Theoric: This is why we should have stuck to my idea and just given her some potions.
Hero: Enough with potions, man!
Hero: Ahem… I mean, The best thing to do now is to come clean and return the scissors.
Mustang: <hero> is right. It'll only get worse the longer we draw this out.
Mustang: But can you talk to her first for us ? That might make this a little smoother for us.
Hero: Sure thing. Let's go return those scissors to Winnie.

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