Turkey Sandwitch?


«A gust of wind pushes some sand towards the Hero and then a whirlwind of sand begins to form that leads to the appearance of somebody.»
???: Well, well, well… have you come to join your friend?
Hero: Actually, I've come to rescue him and stop you from terrorizing the caravan!
???: Oh really? And you think you can stop me?
???: Do you even know who you're dealing with?
Hero: No, but I get the feeling you're about to tell me.
Tor-Kei (The Sand Witch): I am Tor-Kei The Sand Witch!
Hero: I'm sorry, did you say your name was Turkey Sandwich?
Tor-Kei (The Sand Witch): That's not what I said!
Hero: Really? Because it sounded like you did.
Tor-Kei (The Sand Witch): I didn't say ""Turkey"-- I said Tor-Kei! Tor… Kei!!!
Tor-Kei (Definitely Not Turkey): Tor-Kei The Sand Witch!
Hero: Yeah, it just sounds like you're saying turkey over and over.
Tor-Kei (The Sand Witch): You must think you're so funny…
Hero: I do enjoy a good joke from time to time.
Tor-Kei (The Sand Witch): Well, I don't — Especially when they're at my expense!
Tor-Kei (The Sand Witch): That's why anyone who laughs at or mocks my name suffers a terrible fate!
Tor-Kei (The Sand Witch): Like those good for nothing caravan drivers and those miserable, snake-bitten rebels…
Tor-Kei (The Sand Witch): And then there was that one vagrant who came to me dying of thirst…
Tor-Kei (The Sand Witch): He laughed at my name, so I've made sure he'd never quench his thirst no matter how much he drank!
Tor-Kei (The Sand Witch): And now he spends the rest of his days as a hideous monster in the Aquifer!
Hero: All that just because people laughed at your name?
Hero: Well, that just doesn't cut the mustard, Turkey!
Hero: It's time someone delivered you your just desserts.
Tor-Kei (The Sand Witch):
Tor-Kei (The Sand Witch): I am going to enjoy murdering you so much.

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