Turtle Problem


Hero: Any luck finding Reed ?
Guardian Liv (Sworn Guardian): We have scouting parties out right now but there's alot of ground to cover.
Guardian Liv (Sworn Guardian): What about you ?
Hero: I found signs around, But I think he stopped at a pond for a drink.
Hero: All the razorshells that live around the pond are making the tracks hard to read.
Guardian Liv (Sworn Guardian): Perhaps you could slay them ?
Guardian Liv (Sworn Guardian): As a guardian, I would never condone violence with no purpose…
Guardian Liv (Sworn Guardian): …but, lives hang in the balance!
Hero: I could… but a battle would just mess up the tracks even more.
Hero: Maybe I could lure them away or…
Auden (Traveling Merchant): Why not put 'em to sleep ?
Hero: Sleep ?
Auden (Traveling Merchant): Yeah. Knock them out. Drug some turtle bait.
Auden (Traveling Merchant): Then you'll be able to pick up the trail, right ?
Guardian Liv (Sworn Guardian): Auden, that's a great idea!
Auden (Traveling Merchant): Yeah. I know.
Hero: Do you have something in your cart that could knock out the razorshells ?
Auden (Traveling Merchant): Nope.
Auden (Traveling Merchant): But, I could make something if you got me some meat as bait and a few other ingredients.
Hero: What do I need to do ?
Auden (Traveling Merchant): Start with some wolf meat from around heartwood…

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