Twilly (Cutscene)


Twilly (Moglin Healer): <Hero>! You're just in time!
Twilly (Moglin Healer): The Guardians are going to retake the Dragonwatch Keep from the undead invaders!
Hero: I hope they don't start without me.
Twilly (Moglin Healer): I like the confidence, but be careful…
Twilly (Moglin Healer): … I've heard villagers say the undead have a Warfiend inside the keep!
Hero: What? I thought all the villagers had gotten out!
Twilly (Moglin Healer): They are trying but the skeletons are blocking their escape.
Hero: I'll clear this path for them first, then head to the keep to help the Guardians.
Twilly (Moglin Healer): I'll stay here and heal any wounded villagers that you send this way.
Hero: Good plan. See you in Battleon, Twilly!

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