Undead Siege


Roland (Battleon Defender): I'm glad you're here, <Hero>. We might not make it this time.
Hero: The Battleon Defenders have faced invasions before, Roland.
Roland (Battleon Defender): This is more organized. It's a Siege!
Roland (Battleon Defender): My sources say that the Undead Forces are behind this attack.
Roland (Battleon Defender): We've got the blacksmith Sara Watterson helping to craft weapons and defenses…
Roland (Battleon Defender): …But it will take everything we've got to stop them from entering Battleon.
Hero: Don't lose hope. I've heard you say it before…
Hero:"Battleon is not the town. It's the people who live here"!
Roland (Battleon Defender): You're right. Thanks, <Hero>.
Roland (Battleon Defender): Hey, you over there! Watch the left flank!
Roland (Battleon Defender): Dig deep and remember what we're fighting for!
Roland (Battleon Defender): Battleon stands as long as we stand!

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