Underwater Breathing Brew


Pi Mae (Brewmaster): Did you get everything on the list?
Hero: Got it all!
Hero: Even the jelly slime, which… wasn't the most pleasant thing to collect.
Pi Mae (Brewmaster): You'll be happy you did. Its purpose is to counteract the fishy flavor of the other ingredients.
Pi Mae (Brewmaster): And it gives the brew a nice chewy texture!
Hero: Chewy? Not how I typically like my liquids…
Pi Mae (Brewmaster): I'll have a batch of the brew ready in no time.
Pi Mae (Brewmaster): But before you go off into the depths of the sea, heed this warning:
Hero: Are the chewy bits a potential choking hazard?
Pi Mae (Brewmaster): Yes, but that's not what I had to say.
Pi Mae (Brewmaster): The brew will keep you out of harm's way while you're along the seafloor…
Pi Mae (Brewmaster): But it won't protect you if you enter murky waters.
Pi Mae (Brewmaster): There are limits to the brew's effectiveness.
Hero: Got it. Stay away from murky water if I want to live. Anything else I should know?
Pi Mae (Brewmaster): Yes, tell Yuki Jin that her tab is well past due.
Pi Mae (Brewmaster): No more favors until she pays off her tab! Tell her I mean it this time!
Hero: Uh, sure… I guess I can pass that along.

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