Underwater Ship Yard (Dungeon)

Dungeon Level 5+ (Scaled)
Difficulty: Normal
Recommended Players: 1-5
"The Locker", as it is known locally, is where the remains of many past surface battles have settled. Marine life has sprung up around the wreckage and debris, while more sinister characters have hidden away in the rubble.





Lobby: Atlantis (Location)
Access Points:

Party Size: 5


  • Transformations are not allowed in this dungeon.
  • In order to enter the hideout of Large Barge, you must find the key to open the gate.
  • This key can be found within Darkness in 1 of 5 spots around the dungeon which must be cleared by reviving the Coral around them while being under the effect of Glow buff.
    • This buff can be obtained from the light water spots which appear after clearing Sea Ogre Nests around the dungeon.
    • You can also use Elixir of Light to obtain this buff.
  • The Glow buff also clears the Darkness damage over time (DoT) that you get by getting too close to Darkness or taking damage from the darkness water spots which would you kill you otherwise.

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