Uninvited And Maskless


Lady Garnett (Greeter): Well? Do you remember how you got this invitation?
Hero: Sorry. I can't say.
Lady Garnett (Greeter): Very well.
Lady Garnett (Greeter): Your ballroom rank is noted as uninvited.
Hero: Uninvited? I literally have an invitation.
Lady Garnett (Greeter): You can return to me at any time to check your rank.
Hero: How do I raise it?
Lady Garnett (Greeter): By engaging the dance floor, of course.
Lady Garnett (Greeter): Also, you are… very underdressed.
Hero: I am?
Lady Garnett (Greeter): Why yes! You need a mask.
Lady Garnett (Greeter): Perhaps you can find one… on the dance floor.

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