Useless Bapper -2.0




  • Purchase with:
    • 1,500 Dragon Crystals

Sellback: 150 Gold
Level: 1
Power: Base: 1 (+0), Max: 979 (+999)
Description: This has terrible stats, but you can infuse it 999 times ya feel me? Need I say more? Cheers my friends.

Also if you're wondering, maybe something will happen when you hit the max, but probably nothing. It's not like a dev is constantly checking in the db or anything.

Type Bonus Bonus (Max)
Health +11 +625
Attack +22 +1,250
Armor -8 -499
Crit +13 +750
Evasion -8 -499
Haste +9 +500


  • This item can be infused to +999. Check Item Infusion for more information.
  • Equipping this item gives you the Burning Fire buff when it is fully infused.
    • The buff increases movement speed by 10%, surrounds your character's legs with fire and makes your character leave a fire motion trail.

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