Hootenheim (Branch Manager): Hoo! What have you found this time, <hero>?
Hero: A letter from two bank robbers named Pumpken and Honey Moglin to someone named… "V".
Hootenheim (Branch Manager): Hoo! Mr. Vulgren… A moment, if you please…
Vulgren (Chief of Security): I'm very busy, Hoots. What is it?
Hootenheim (Branch Manager): PLEASE STOP CALLING ME THAT!
Hootenheim (Branch Manager): I demand you explain this letter at ONCE!
Vulgren (Chief of Security): I… uh… I don't…
Hootenheim (Branch Manager): Don't bother denying it. YOU have been giving information to the Bank Robbers!
Hootenheim (Branch Manager): It's YOU who has been helping them break into the vaults and rob us blind!
Vulgren (Chief of Security): SQUAWK! I had a good thing going here!
Vulgren (Chief of Security): <hero>! This is all YOUR fault!
Hero: Surrender, Vulgren! You have to answer for this.
Vulgren (Chief of Security): Never!
Hootenheim (Branch Manager): After him, <hero>! Vulgren is headed to the Deep Vault!
Hootenheim (Branch Manager): Take this key and defeat Vulgren in the Deep Vault… before he escapes!

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