Vamir the Chronomancer's Story


Hero: Are you OK? I'm not here to kill you… whoever you are.
Vamir (Chronomancer): Really? You don't know who I am?
Vamir (Chronomancer): I'm Vamir the Chronomancer. Master of Time Magic.
Vamir (Chronomancer): When Bloodwing had this vault created she hired me to place a time bubble around it.
Vamir (Chronomancer): … But instead of paying me, she locked me up in this vault.
Vamir (Chronomancer): She's notoriously cheap.
Vamir (Chronomancer): I made my enchantment so ironclad that even I couldn't break it…
Vamir (Chronomancer): …But I found that I could increase the effect, speeding time up even more.
Hero: Ah, that explains that. Well, you got our attention.
Hero: But, who is Bloodwing?
Vamir (Chronomancer): Baroness Bloodwing? She's the ornithon who started this bank.
Hero: I thought banks were first set up 200 years ago…
Vamir (Chronomancer): I sped up time 200 years!?
Vamir (Chronomancer): Guess I don't know my own strength.
Vamir (Chronomancer): Well, thanks for letting me out.
Vamir (Chronomancer): I guess I'll be going.
Hero: That's it? You've been trapped down here for two centuries!
Hero: Everyone you know must be dead. Your life is gone!
Vamir (Chronomancer): I'm a very powerful Chronomancer, remember?
Vamir (Chronomancer): Time is the road I travel.
Hero: Oh, right! I guess 200 years to you is like walking across town to me.
Hero: That must be cool.
Hero: Bye, Vamir. I'll see you later!
Vamir (Chronomancer): Or earlier…
Vamir (Chronomancer): What?
Vamir (Chronomancer): Nevermind. So long, <hero>.

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