Vane's Prophecy


Void Summoner: I summon from the Void… the one prophesied to destroy the world!
Void Summoner: What the…
Hero (Class): Excuse me…
Hero: Do either of you know the way back to Death's Lair?
Azella (High Priestess of the Void): Summoner, it appears our master has sent us a gift.
Void Summoner: Truely?! This <Class> has seen Vane the Voidking with their own eyes!?
Hero: Big guy, black armor, sour disposition? Yeah, I met him.
Azella (High Priestess of the Void): Then you are a witness to his glory… join us… join the Voidrakar.
Hero: Who are you?!
Azella (High Priestess of the Void): It is my privilege to guide wayward people like you to embrace of sweet oblivion. I am Azella, High Priestess of the Void.
Azella (High Priestess of the Void): Allow the Void to hollow your body… and with it, consume this world.
*You hear a girl crying for help in the distance*: Help me! Please help me!
Azella (High Priestess of the Void): She is so fortunate to be among today's tithings. What an honor to be sacrificed to the Void.
Hero: I won't let you hurt these people!
Azella (High Priestess of the Void): Oh, my poor child. You cannot defeat us.
Hero (Hero): Watch me.
Hero (Hero): …and tell the Void King what you see me do here today. Because he's next.

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