Vane's Sneak Attack!


«Scene: Skorpienne gets stabbed in the back by Vane's blade, penetrating her chest, and after getting stabbed, Skorpienne looks behind her to see her assailant just before he pulls his blade out of her back, letting her fall on the floor, and shortly after, she gets up.»
«Scene fades»
Skorpienne: The Void King finally emerges… With a feeble cheap shot! How pathetic…
Lord Sekt: Vane? What the blazes is he doing here?!
Vane: For the same reason as <Hero>…
Vane: I seek to destroy the lamp!
Hero: What?! You don't want the lamp for yourself?
Vane: I am not some simpleton who needs to make a wish to achieve power…
Vane: But I am also not a fool… I cannot allow the likes of you to use the lamp against me.
Vane: And the only way to end that threat is to eliminate its creator.
Skorpienne: Now, that is a sound plan… But you failed to account for one thing…
Skorpienne: I cannot die… I am Death itself!
Vane: No… I have met Death. You are but a poor imitation of him.
Skorpienne: How dare you! That bag of bones is nothing compared to me!
Skorpienne: That dimwit is too aloof to even realize what you've taken from him!
Hero: Uh, newsflash, Skorpienne; Death knows Vane has his key. That's why he sent me to stop him.
Skorpienne: Who said anything about a key?
Skorpienne: No, what Vane has done is far more nefarious… and it will lead to his downfall.
Skorpienne: You're meddling with the powers of Death, Void King… and you know not what you're—
Skorpienne: Uugh… What… Why do I feel so…
Vane: Ah, I was curious when it would begin.
Skorpienne: What have you done, Void King?!
Vane: A being as powerful as you cannot die by conventional means.
Vane: But everything -- Including you -- can be Hollowed.
Skorpienne: What is this nonsense you speak?
Vane: This blade was coated with a poison made from pure Void essence… A cleaver concoction brewed by my alchemist.
Vane: Right now, the poison is spreading, slowly erasing every fiber of your being.
Vane: In a matter of time, you, the Keeper of Death, will be no more… and so too will your silly lamp.
Vane: Your undoing will be a sign to all that Death has no power over the Void. So enjoy your final moments, Keeper.
Vane: And consider yourself lucky, <Hero>. Because next time we meet, you'll suffer the same fate.
Skorpienne: Don't run away from me, you coward!
Skorpienne: That fiend… I won't let him win…
Skorpienne: He thinks Death has no power against the Void? Then I'll show him how wrong he is…
Lord Sekt: Don't do anything hasty… I still have my wish, remember?
Lord Sekt: If you promised to return the favor, I could use my wish to restore your health.
Skorpienne: Help… from you?
Skorpienne: I would never stoop so low as to seek aid from an insignificant worm like yourself.
Skorpienne: If this is to be the end of me, then so be it …but I will not drift quietly into nothingness…
Skorpienne: I will go out with a final, destructive act of Death worthy of my grandeur!
Skorpienne: And I'll take out Vane, this detestable desert, and every living thing in this realm with me!
Skorpienne: Ugh… No… I must make my preparations before it's too late!
Hero: Skorpienne's gone mad… We've got to do something!
Lord Sekt: Agreed. We must… Ugh…
Hero: Sekt?!

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