Vault Secured


Hootenheim (Branch Manager): Hoo! Thank you for capturing Vulgren!
Hootenheim (Branch Manager): I suspect the bank will be much more secure now that that villain has been revealed as the leak.
Hootenheim (Branch Manager): To think… our own head of security was helping the robbers! Hoo!
Hero: To be honest, I thought YOU were the leak.
Hootenheim (Branch Manager): Hoo! Absurd! Whatever gave you that idea?
Hero: Well, you acted really suspicious when I showed you the list of vaults that I found.
Hero: You insisted on keeping it between us.
Hootenheim (Branch Manager): Of course. I didn't want to alert the leak that you were onto them.
Hero: … and when I found your keys in the vaults…
Hootenheim (Branch Manager): I was embarrassed. I thought I had lost the only copies of those vault keys.
Hootenheim (Branch Manager): …But it turns out that Vulgren had taken them! Hoo!
Hootenheim (Branch Manager): All that matters now is that you have saved the Battleon Bank.
Hootenheim (Branch Manager): As a reward, I will arrange a FREE VAULT for you.
Hootenheim (Branch Manager): It will take a while to fill out all the paperwork so come back soon!
Hero: Wow, Mr. Hootenheim, thank you very much!
Hootenheim (Branch Manager): You will always be welcome here, <hero>.

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