Victor Enters the Path of Anguish


Hero: Victor… I am NOT letting you do this alone!
Hero: Okay, I know how this is going to go. I am a pro at this stuff by now.
Hero: Every one of these catacombs has been SO MUCH WORSE than the last one.
Hero: And this is the FINAL dungeon, which means it's gonna be a beast.
Hero: We've got to be ready for anything. Deadly traps. Surprise attacks. Hordes of Tomb Guardians.
Hero: There might even be… Dare I say it… Lava parkour.
Victor Lionfang (Paladin of the Golden Onslaught): Stand aside, <Hero>.
Hero: Hey, didn't you hear me? LAVA PARKOUR! You can't just—
Hero: You're not listening.
Victor Lionfang (Paladin of the Golden Onslaught): This is my destiny, <Hero>.
Victor Lionfang (Paladin of the Golden Onslaught): I have seen the Light… And I will follow it to the final fragment of the Sword.
Hero: You CAN'T just waltz through this place Victor!

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