Victor Gets The Sword


Grunk: And now, with Tainted Core added to alloy…
Grunk: Yes… Sword… Is…
Victor Liongfang: YES! This is the moment I have been waiting for!
Grunk: …Is ready for the LAST missing piece…
Victor Liongfang: WHAT!?
Victor Liongfang: I am done being your errand boy! YOU get the final piece and finish the sword… or I WILL KILL YOU:
Victor Liongfang: Then good for Grunk that the last piece… Is in Victor's chest.
Victor Liongfang: My amulet…. Of course.
The Amulet: Place me in the sword, Victor….. Complete your destiny.
Victor Liongfang: Take my amulet… Complete the sword, Ogre.
Grunk: Hu Hu Hu….. There. Done.
Grunk: The Oblivion Blade has been reforged… It is yours.
Victo Lionfang: Yes. It is…
Victo Lionfang: Mine.
Hero: Uh. Victor? You okay there?
Victo Lionfang: My Master has made everything is clear to me now.
Victo Lionfang: I am the herald of his coming. With this Oblivion Blade, I will set my Master free!
Hero: Man, I KNEW it! I KNEW this thing was evil!
Hero: Come on, Victor! I know you're still in there!
Hero: You gotta snap out of it!
Victo Lionfang: Snap out of it! <Hero>… I've never felt so awake in my life!
Victo Lionfang: Come! Witness the return of a god.

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