Victor Is Impatient


Grunk: Hokay. Sword almost done!
Grunk: Just need one more thing to give it special SPARK.
Victor Lionfang: Just one more thing. And then another. And another!
Victor Lionfang: Do not toy with me, Ogre!
Victor Lionfang: If you can't finish the job, I will find someone who will!
«Scene: Victor Lionfang's eyes flash red, staring at Grunk with an impatient stare.»
Hero: Victor, whoa!
Grunk: Ha! Paladin is spicy!
Grunk: Grunk can see why the Master likes you.
Grunk: But seriously. Grunk just needs this one last thing.
Grunk: Go get it and sword is yours.
Hero: Hey, Victor, listen. Maybe we should talk about this.
Hero: I can't be the only one who thinks this is getting kinda… Scary.
Victor Lionfang: You can leave if you aren't up to the task, <Hero>.
Victor Lionfang: But I intend to finish what I started.
Hero: But don't you see what's happening to you? Your eyes…
Victor Lionfang: Worry not. Once the sword is forged, I will be whole.
Victor Lionfang: Do not be afraid. Soon you will understand everything.

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