Victor Won't Be Stopped


Hero: Victor! Stop!
Hero: You know this is wrong! This "god" you want to free…
Hero: I think it's what the Guardians in the Catacombs were warning us about.
Hero: Don't you see? It's not what it says it is. It's tricking you!
Victor Lionfang: Oh, <Hero>. I know exactly what I am doing, I've seen the Light.
Victor Lionfang: It is you who is still in the dark.
Hero: Victor, please…
Hero: You know I can't let you do this.
Victor Lionfang: And what can you do to stop me?
Victor Lionfang: My Paladins are still loyal to me, even if you are not.
Victor Lionfang: My Paladins… Your quest. Slay <Hero>!

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