Viscerra Vex

You wouldn't believe how much souls whine just because they are imprisoned for eternity.

The Doom Staff Tale
Remember when this happened…?

- Stygis's Warning
- Chasing Shadows I
- Chasing Shadows II
- Chasing Shadows III
- The Tower Door
- Mazrak the Mad (Cutscene)
- The First Page
- Viscerra Vex (Cutscene)
- Spirit Crystal (Cutscene)
- Crimson Lake
- Doom Weapons
- Your Doom Staff

Doom Crafting
Do you need another Spirit Crystal?

- Viscerra Vex's Quests
- Doom Crafting

Your Doom Weapon
I see you've bonded with your weapon… perhaps you would like to see how powerful it could become?

- Your Doom Weapon's Quests

Location: Island of the Dead
Level: 1


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