Viscerra Vex

You wouldn't believe how much souls whine just because they are imprisoned for eternity.

The Doom Staff Tale
Remember when this happened…?

- Stygis's Warning
- Chasing Shadows I
- Chasing Shadows II
- Chasing Shadows III
- The Tower Door
- Mazrak the Mad (Cutscene)
- The First Page
- Viscerra Vex (Cutscene)
- Spirit Crystal (Cutscene)
- Crimson Lake
- Doom Weapons
- Your Doom Staff

Doom Crafting
Do you need another Spirit Crystal?

- Viscerra Vex's Quests
- Doom Crafting

Your Doom Weapon
I see you've bonded with your weapon… perhaps you would like to see how powerful it could become?

- Your Doom Weapon's Quests

Must have Old Staff Fragment in your inventory to see this quest.
Old Staff Fragment
How did you… That staff fragment you possess comes from an ill-fated relic with unparalleled power and a perchant for misfortune. Those who have tried to wield a staff of its nature reveled in the way it amplified their power, but then… well… Let's just say something bad soon followed…
- Forgotten Staves of Calamity

Location: Island of the Dead
Level: 1


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