Viscerra Vex (Cutscene)


Viscerra Vex (Necromancer): Tell me, which of the following would be more cruel and painful?
Viscerra Vex (Necromancer): Having your teeth turned into candy…
Viscerra Vex (Necromancer): …You would try not to dissolve them by licking, but ultimately you couldn't resist…
Viscerra Vex (Necromancer): …Or having a faucet for a belly button randomly leaked?
Hero: They both sound pretty terrible!
Viscerra Vex (Necromancer): Good point! Why not both?
Viscerra Vex (Necromancer): Are you here to craft a Spirit Crystal?
Hero: How did you know?
Viscerra Vex (Necromancer): I've been stuffing spirits into crystals since I was a little girl.
Viscerra Vex (Necromancer): A steady stream of you hero types come through here on a deathwish trying to craft a staff.
Viscerra Vex (Necromancer): Good business. So, I settled on a fixed up front fee.
Hero: Up front?
Viscerra Vex (Necromancer): Not like I get a lot of repeat business.
Hero: That doesn't sound encouraging.
Viscerra Vex (Necromancer): Shall we begin?
Viscerra Vex (Necromancer): First, sign this waiver giving me permission to do whatever I with your remains.
Hero: Uh…
Viscerra Vex (Necromancer): It is the standard agreement. I assure you.
Viscerra Vex (Necromancer): You are going to need to Harvest 3 Spirit Shards from the Crystal Golem* and bring them back here.

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