Voice of the Forest (Old)

My friend said you would be coming, but I won't be dissuaded from my course. I am the Voice of the Forest. I speak for the stones and the trees and the wind and the rain. For too long, the people and the animals and the monsters have taken advantage of my generous nature. You have gone too far. It is time to restore the balance.

The Heartwood was once a major road to the town near here and the animals and even the monsters lived in balanced harmony… but those times have passed. A hunger for power and possessions has crippled my once-great home and I am at the end of my patience. Any who travel through here now risk my wrath. If you want to prove that you are a friend of the forest like Reed, you must help me. Help the Heartwood to thrive again.

- Voice of the Forest's Quests
- Voice of the Forest's Craft Shop

Location: Heartwood Forest (Old)
Note: Also see Voice of the Forest.

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