Void Sharken Down!


Skiffmaster Squint: Another one bites the sand!
Skiffmaster Squint: And look there on the bow — seems the Sharken left us another piece of treasure.

Hero: That's the last piece of the lamp!
Hero: Now I can put all the pieces together!

Skiffmaster Squint: And it's all thanks to me lucky compass.

Hero: And me…

Skiffmaster Squint: Sure… but mostly me lucky compass.

Hero: Pretty sure luck had nothing to do with me firing poison harpoons at the creature…

Skiffmaster Squint: Debatable

Hero: It's not debatable!

Skiffmaster Squint: Agree to disagree
Skiffmaster Squint: Now, ye best grab that treasure and be on ye way before something else comes after us.
Skiffmaster Squint: Never know when ye luck is 'bout to run out…

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