Voidrakar Voidshard

Location: Nulgath Nation Armaments - Forge of the Forlorn
Price: N/A

Sellback: 10 Gold
Level: 40
Power: Base 820 (+0), Max: 850 (+30)
Craft Time: 10 Minutes
Speed Up: N/A
Description: The Voidrakar grunt weaponry: easy to access and serviceable. Now empowered by Nulgath's forge

The forge is enchanting the Voidrakar's natural aggressiveness, providing abnormally high attack, without any noticeable drawback, functions as particularly strong starting weapons for the uninitiated.

Type Bonus (Base) Bonus (Max)
Health +490 +554
Attack +1,503 +1,699
Crit +654 +739
Haste +523 +591


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