Vost Set

Location: Underworld Gate
Total Cost: 250 Dragon Crystals
Set Pieces:

Name Level Price
Armor.png Vost's Robes commonsmall.png 6 N/A (Dropped by Legion Revenant (Monster))
Belt.png Vost's Chronicler Belt uncommonsmall.png 3 N/A (Dropped by Legion Hound (Monster))
Boot.png Vost's Boots commonsmall.png 1 N/A (Dropped by Legion Minion (Monster))
Cape.png Vost's Cloak uncommonsmall.png 11 N/A (Dropped by Legion Revenant (Monster))
Glove.png Vost's Gloves uncommonsmall.png 3 N/A (Dropped by Legion Grunt (Monster))
Shoulder.png Vost's Shoulders raresmall.png 8 N/A (Dropped by Legion Hound (Monster))
Weapon.png Vost's Tome raresmall.png dcsmall.png seasonalsmall.png 1 250 Dragon Crystals

Set Level: 1-11

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