Want my tail?


Roxxy Foxx: Name's Foxxy Roxxy…. I'm an elite hide-and-seek champion!
Hero (Class): A what?
Roxxy Foxx: See! People just don't take hide-and-seek seriously!
Roxxy Foxx: I'm in an extreme underground hide-and-seek community.
Roxxy Foxx: I'm so good at hiding…. That I've ended up on the missing persons board.
Roxxy Foxx: Twice!
Hero (Class): So, you're… really good at hiding?
Roxxy Foxx: Hah! Buy a Hide Club membership card and challenge me to find out.
Hero (Class): What do I get if I beat you?
Roxxy Foxx: You… beat me? HAH!
Roxxy Foxx: If you beat me, I'd give you my TAIL!
Hero (Class): Seriously. Your tail!?
Roxxy Foxx: Yeah!
Hero (Class): Uh… is your tail real?
Roxxy Foxx: Give it a tug and find out.
Roxxy Foxx: Yeah!
Hero (Class):
Roxxy Foxx: The Hide Club card is 10,000G…. will that be gold or credit?

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