Warlic's Input


Hero: Hello, Warlic. I'm sure you know why I'm here.
Warlic (Blue Mage): Actually, I do not.
Hero: You haven't heard about the quest I'm on?
Warlic (Blue Mage): Ah! Well I've been in a multidimensional trance for the past few days.
Warlic (Blue Mage): Great for the sinuses, but bad for staying on top of the local news.
Hero: Wow! Ok, this is great! Danicka Roseis re-opening the Battleon Museum.
Warlic (Blue Mage): Wonderful! I've known her for a while. Danicka and her cousin Valencia would hang around my shop for hours when they were kids.
Warlic (Blue Mage): Valencia would gaze at all my artifacts, while Danicka would pour through my books on Chronomancy.
Warlic (Blue Mage): She had a specific interest in the books on the Sisters of Time.
Hero: She's using all that knowledge to get the museum up and running again.
Hero: she asked that I go around town and ask the people what the wanted they first exhibit to be.
Warlic (Blue Mage): How thoughtful of her.
Hero: I've talked to quite a few people already, and I'm sensing a trend, but would love to get your expertise on the matter.
Warlic (Blue Mage): What do I want the first exhibit to be? … Hmmmmmm.
Hero: Oh boy, here it comes.
Warlic (Blue Mage): There are so many magical locations to choose from.
Hero: That is true.
Warlic (Blue Mage): To pick just one is a real challenge. Doomwood might be too scary to begin with….
Hero: Yes…
Warlic (Blue Mage): The Dragon Graveyard is a sight to behold…..
Hero: You're really dragging this out, aren't you?
Warlic (Blue Mage): Oh HO! I've got it!
Hero: Greenguard!
Warlic (Blue Mage): Heaven's No. The Eternal Beaches of the Reverse Moon of Gloritha.
Hero: I didn't expect that.
Warlic (Blue Mage): I hope this helps your quest <Hero>.
Hero: It kind of does, in a weird way. Thank you, Warlic.
Warlic (Blue Mage): My pleasure. Farewell, <Hero>. Safe travels.

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