Warlic's Quests

Quest Location: Magic Shoppe
Quests Begun From: Warlic

Get Bezoar from Frogzards
The local Frogzard population has a lot to offer beyond their tough hides and sharp teeth. Sometimes a bezoar will form in their stomachs when free mana energy binds with indigestible bone and grizzle. This rare item is amazingly useful in curing all forms of ailments. If you find a bezoar in your travels, bring it to me and I will reward you.

Items Required:

  • Frogzard Bezoar x1


  • 20 Gold
  • 100 Exp

Quest Location: Yulgar's Inn
Quests Begun From: Warlic
Note: These quests can only be completed once.

Note: This quest is accepted from Speck.

Speak to Warlic in the Magic Shoppe in Battleon.

Items Required:


  • 22 Gold
  • 106 Exp


  • N/A
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