Warlord Gamush

Me warlord of trolluks! Well, me was warlord last week. Warlord be given weapon that control rock monsters in Livingstone Cave… but me lose it. Trolluks kick Warlord Gamush out. Me not allowed to come back until me find it but me also not allowed back in cave without it…. some trolluks be so dumb. You look kind of tough for a little thing. Maybe you help? Uh, please?

Me come from long line of Warlords. Magic mace thingy belong to me father nd him mother and her father and him mother and him brother (he die of flu), back and back and back forever. Me really should pay more attention to important things like that but me too busy being trolluk leader! It very hard job. Take up lots of brain.

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Location: Livingstone Caverns
Level: 1

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