Wayker's Root (Cutscene)


Lidra (Doomwood Herbalist): PLEASE! Help my brother and father! I think they're already… please, that noise!
Hero: Slow down. What happened?
Lidra (Doomwood Herbalist): My brother and father went into the Umbral Caves to gather Wayker's Root with some others.
Hero: Sounds dangerous. Why go into the caves for that?
Lidra (Doomwood Herbalist): It only grows in these caves and we need it to treat the Gray Fever that strikes down so many who live in Doomwood.
Lidra (Doomwood Herbalist): We form a gathering party once a year, but this time was different…
Hero: Different? How?
Lidra (Doomwood Herbalist): I had a bad feeling. I didn't want to go down there this time so they went without me…
Lidra (Doomwood Herbalist): I waited here for a time then the… the screaming started. Screaming and another noise.
Hero: What else did you hear? It might be important.
Lidra (Doomwood Herbalist): It was a vile noise. A wet clicking and chittering.
Lidra (Doomwood Herbalist): Please… try to find them. We need that medicine badly but all I can think about is my family.
Hero: I'll see what I can find.

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