Welcome hero! Access all of your Kickstarter Rewards here.

- What is this place?
- Get Your Custom Item kickstartersmall.png legacysmall.png
- KS Legendary kickstartersmall.png legacysmall.png
- KS Alpha Pirate kickstartersmall.png legacysmall.png
- KS Epic kickstartersmall.png legacysmall.png
- KS Guardian guardiansmall.png kickstartersmall.png legacysmall.png
- KS Hero kickstartersmall.png legacysmall.png
- Alpha Shop legacysmall.png
- Closed Beta Shop legacysmall.png
Open Beta Rewards
Greetings Open Beta Player! If you are seeing this, then you count amongst the brave heroes that were part of the AdventureQuest 3D Open Beta. The items within are exclusive to you and your fellow Open Beta players can see this. New players are unable to see this.
- Open Beta Shop
- Beta Berserker Crafting
- Dark Beta Berserker Crafting
- Guardian Beta Berserker Crafting guardiansmall.png

Live Release
During Artix Entertainment's 20th Anniversary Event in October of 2022, someone's hand slipped and made AdventureQuest 3D officially live on Steam! Which means… AdventureQuest 3D now officially shares an October birthday with all other AE games!

Thank you to you and all of the other players making this game and its weekly releases possible.

Location: Founder's Sanctuary
Note: If you are a My Weapon's Custom backer, then this NPC will appear as your custom weapon.

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