Welcome to Ashfall


Galanoth (DragonSlayer Leader): We have an army of Dragons to slay. Let's make this quick.
Hero: You must be Galanoth, the legendary DragonSlayer.
Galanoth DragonSlayer Leader): Legend? Hah. I'm just here to kill Dragons.
Hero: But, you have amassed an entire army of DragonSlayers in this camp!
Galanoth DragonSlayer Leader): I never asked anyone to follow me. But they've all suffered horribly at the hands of these beasts.
Kord (DragonSlayer Commander): True, Every slayer in this camp would follow Galanoth into the fires of the underworld.
Hero: So you all banded together to hunt all the Dragons around this Volcano?
Galanoth DragonSlayer Leader): No. We are here to hunt every Dragon in the world to extinction.
Hero: You want to kill EVERY dragon? Not just the evil ones?
Galanoth DragonSlayer Leader): Don't delude yourself. These monsters view us as playthings at best, at worst… food.
Galanoth DragonSlayer Leader): My weapon will swing until every dragon is dead and rotting… with their heads mounted on my wall.
Galanoth DragonSlayer Leader): If you brought mercy or pity to Ashfall, then you should stand aside…
Galanoth DragonSlayer Leader):But if your weapon is strong enough to slay dragons, then command Kord will give your first mission.
Hero: A dragon hunt? Count me in.
Kord (DragonSlayer Commander): Senna is our Quartermaster. Go outside and talk to her for weapons, armor, and food.
Galanoth DragonSlayer Leader): My hunt's ultimate goal is the Great Fire Dragon inside the Volcano. Let no monster, man, or obstacle get in my way.

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