Welcome To Pointe Less!

Locations/Replays: Annette - Pointe Less Isle

«Scene: On the beaches of Pointe Less Isle»

Annette (Beach Lover): Welcome to Pointe Less Isle!! I'm Annette.

Hero: Thanks! What is this place!?

Annette (Beach Lover): Pointe Less is an island paradise!
Annette (Beach Lover): The perfect place for the weary hero to relax and have some fun!
Annette (Beach Lover): If you need some summer beach gear, check out my SUMMER COLLECTION items!
Annette (Beach Lover): You can also hang out by the beach bonfires and chat with friends… or make some new ones. Maybe go fishing together!

Hero: So there are no monsters here?

Annette (Beach Lover): Oh, sometimes a KILLER KLAWG will come out of the waves but everyone needs a little time in the sun, right?!
Annette (Beach Lover): If you happen to find some Klawg Klaws, take them to the BOX KAHUNA!
Annette (Beach Lover): They're his favorite food and he might trade you a special swimsuit for them.
Annette (Beach Lover): He's the sneevil who lives in the house on the hill up there.

Hero: Thanks, Annette! Anything else I should know?

Annette (Beach Lover): There's only one rule on Pointe Less Isle… "Take it light!"

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