Welcome to Ravenspire!


???: <Hero>, you are here! Right on time.
Hero: You know me?
???: Of course I know you…
???: In the future, EVERYONE knows you, <Hero>.
Hero: …And how would you know what happens in the future?
Sirius (Chronomancer): I'm a Chronomancer… Sirius… I'm a time traveling mage.
Hero: Oh…
Hero: Well, can you take me to the end of this adventure so I can skip all of the fetch quests?
Sirius (Chronomancer): Ha ha!
Sirius (Chronomancer): Good one.
Hero: No, seriously.
Hero: I want to time travel to the end and skip this entire thing.
Sirius (Chronomancer):
Sirius (Chronomancer): Fine.
Sirius (Chronomancer): I need to get the time travel spell ready.
Sirius (Chronomancer): Until then, have a look around the town of Ravenspire.

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