Welcome To The Town Of Battleon

Locations/Replays: Artix - Battleon

Artix (Paladin): Greetings and salutations, friend!
Hero: Where… where am I?
Twilly (Moglin Healer): Welcome to the Town of Battleon!
Twilly (Moglin Healer): Heroes from all over Lore come here for fame, fortune, and epic adventures.
Artix (Paladin): What brings you here?
Hero: My name is <Hero> and… I died.
Artix (Paladin): Looks like you got better!
Hero: Death himself gave me a quest to recover his key to the Land of the Dead.
Artix (Paladin): Now THAT sounds like an epic adventure!
Twilly (Moglin Healer): Maybe we can help you find it!
Twilly (Moglin Healer): Um… what does Death's Key even look like?
Hero: I… don't know. All I know is that VANE THE VOIDKING has it now.
Artix (Paladin): VANE!? He is unbelievably powerful. How can we help?
Hero: Tell me the fastest way to get more powerful.
Artix (Paladin): If you are looking for battle… just HEAD OUT OF THE MAIN GATES AT ANY TIME.
Twilly (Moglin Healer): Or you can explore town a bit first.

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