Werewolves' Plot


Cassius (Lycan Pack Leader): My Legate! News from the battlefield!
Cassius (Lycan Pack Leader): The Vampire Lord commanding the enemy forces has been slain by an outsider named <hero>.
Legate Tactus (Lycan General): GRRRRR! NOOOO! He was MINE to kill!
Legate Tactus (Lycan General): I will rip that outsider to shreds!
Cassius (Lycan Pack Leader): If we do not control this town before the Blood Moon, Lucianus Rex will rip US to shreds.
Cassius (Lycan Pack Leader): What do we do with the boy?
Wes (Cravin' Adventure): !!!
Legate Tactus (Lycan General): Grrrrr. Don't bother me with trivial questions.
Legate Tactus (Lycan General): Turn him or eat him…
Legate Tactus (Lycan General): I am taking our remaining forces to seize the tavern.
Legate Tactus (Lycan General): Join us after you finished with the meat.

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