Wes's Story


Hero: Wes, is that really you ?
ShadowSlayer X: HAHA, yes! Though you can call me ShadowSlayer X now.
Hero: I can't believe how grown up you are now.
Hero: I know time runs differently in Lightovia, but this is a surprise.
ShadowSlayer X: You're telling me!
ShadowSlayer X: It's been only days since you last saw me, but for me, it's been years.
Hero: And it seems you've been busy during that time.
ShadowSlayer X: The Elemental Protector healed me, raised me, and trained me to hunt the shadows.
Hero: But why ?
ShadowSlayer X: The light needs an agent here in Darkovia to help maintain balance.
ShadowSlayer X: Especially once it became clear that W was up to no good.
ShadowSlayer X: I'm sorry that I wasn't able to help sooner…
ShadowSlayer X: …but I had to check on my mother and the others first.
ShadowSlayer X: As a ShadowSlayer my first priority is keeping the innocents of Darkhurst safe.
ShadowSlayer X: But I came for another reason too.
Hero: What's that ?
ShadowSlayer X: The Darkness Orb ?
ShadowSlayer X: I need to make sure it never falls into the wrong hands again.
Hero: Sorry, but the last time I gave the orb to a ShadowSlayer, it didn't go so well.
ShadowSlayer X: No, not me. It has a place… The Guardian Tower.
Hero: You're right, but do we even know where the darkness orb is now ?
ShadowSlayer X: I believe Wolfwing discarded it somewhere after his transformation.
ShadowSlayer X: So perhaps you can find the Darkness Orb…
ShadowSlayer X: And return it to the spirit of Guardian Romero.
ShadowSlayer X: Afterward, meet me at the Mayor's house.
Hero: You got it.

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