Wes The Shadowslayer


Boog: So, is everything going to be OK ?
Hero: It's… complicated.
Boog: Can you elaborate on that ?
Hero: The vampires and werewolves broke off the peace talks.
Hero: But they did agree to leave people of Darkhurst alone.
Boog: That sounds like good news to me.
Boog: What about that big thing that caused all the ruckus outside ?
Hero: Wolfwing, yeah. He escaped. And who knows what he'll be up to next.
Boog: I see how that would be complicated.
Hero: Yeah. It's not really how I hoped things would go down.
Boog: I bet you could really go for a drink about now.
Hero: Thanks, but I don't drink.
Boog: Get out.
Hero: Oh, come on!
Anne: Excuse me, <hero>. I know you have a lot on your mind…
Anne: …but do you know if my son is alright ?
Hero: Wes ? Well, I couldn't say.
Hero: It's been some time since I've seen him.
Anne: But he joined you in the fight against that… Wolf-thing, did he not ?
Hero: He did what now ?
Hero: The only person out there who wasn't a vampire or werewolf was…
Anne: Oh, good. there he is.
ShadowSlayer X: Hiya, Mom. And hello again, <hero>.
Hero: You're Wes ?!

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