Westmere Mine (Challenge)

Dungeon Level 30+
Difficulty: Challenge
Recommended Players: 5
Murin and Surmonox have reached their peak power by harnessing the corrupting energy of the bane located within Westmere Mines. It'll take everything you've got to stop them now.






Lobby: Westmere
Access Points:

Party Size: 5


  • Transformations are not allowed in this challenge.
  • You start the challenge in stealth mode, making various monsters start with a very low amount of health.
    • The list of affected monsters:
    • The stealth mode will be turned off if you get hit by the lasers or get in combat with the monsters that are weakened in this mode for too long.
    • When the mode is turned off, all monsters affected by it are healed to mostly full health.
    • You can turn off the lasers for each area they are in by finding a lever nearby after getting past them.
  • In order to get through the barrier that blocks the boss room, you must find 12 explosives, place them, and ignite them to blow up the train trailway.
  • This makes both Westmere Turrets targetable and destroying them will break the barrier.

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