What's Wrong?


Hero: Ahah! I found you! There really was a Leprechaun with a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!
Hero: Uh… Wait, is something wrong?
Mart O'Donnell (Overgrown Leprechaun): Aye, everything is wrong… Me pot has been stolen! In fact, ALL of the pots have been stolen!
Hero: All of the pots?
Mart O'Donnell (Overgrown Leprechaun): Yes, ALL of the pots! The pots us Leprechauns keep our gold in!
Hero: Does that mean I can't have your gold?
Mart O'Donnell (Overgrown Leprechaun): Yes, that's exactly what it means! Those small green hoodlums made off with me pot of gold and everyone else's!
Hero: Small green hoodlums that aren't Leprechauns… What could you possibly mea-
Sneevil 1 (Box Enjoyer): Kehehehe! Idea is good! Round boxes make great hat!
Sneevil 2 (Container Fan): Yes yes! We get rid of yellow circles and we have all the round metal boxes!
Hero: Sneevils… Well, I can help get the pots back.
Mart O'Donnell (Overgrown Leprechaun): Well… You can't be any worse than the last group I asked for help.
Hero: Last group?
Mart O'Donnell (Overgrown Leprechaun): Aye, a group of warriors calling themselves the Clover Crusaders! They demanded upfront payment of Clover Leaves and haven't even brought back a single pot!
Hero: Don't worry I'm generally pretty good at helping people. Especially when it involves roughing up some monsters!

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