What Was That Noice?!


Hero: Two lamp pieces down, and only one more to go!

Lord Sekt: And then you can go forth and make your wish… Yes, how fortunate for you…
Lord Sekt: Now you only have to endure whatever hardship awaits you in the Pyramid of Phara-Keet…

*Thunderous rumbling from across the Valley*

Lord Sekt: What in the blazes was that?!

Croc Guard: Lord Sekt, something happened at the Pyramid of Phara-Keet.

Lord Sekt: What do you mean, "something happened"?
Lord Sekt: Could you possibly be more vague?!
Lord Sekt: <Hero>, I order you to go to the pyramid and find the cause of that disturbance.

Hero: Only if you ask nicely.

Lord Sekt: You'd be waiting an eternity for that.

Hero: Just saying, a little kindness never hurt anyone.

Lord Sekt: Ha! I bet I could prove you wrong.
Lord Sekt: But now is not the time — we must find out what happened at the Pyramid of Phara-Keet!

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