Who are you? (1)


Thadeus Glume (Manor Ghost): Greetings, hero. Welcome to Mystcroft manor.
Hero: WHOA! Are you…?
Thadeus Glume (Manor Ghost): Dead? Yes. I'm sorry if my appearance disturbs you.
Thadeus Glume (Manor Ghost): This is Mystcroft Manor. I have haunted this house since the day I was murdered inside.
Thadeus Glume (Manor Ghost): Now my weary spirit is doomed to wander these grounds until I can…
Hero: … I was going to ask if you were on your way to a fancy dinner party…
Hero: …Because you, my friend, are looking sharp!
Thadeus Glume (Manor Ghost): Oh… Why, thank you for noticing!
Thadeus Glume (Manor Ghost): I was considered something of a fashion trend-setter in my day.
Hero: Maybe we can get together later. I need a new look and I'd love to pick your brain.
Thadeus Glume (Manor Ghost): That would be delightful! You have just made my century!
Thadeus Glume (Manor Ghost): You perfectly charming and you are welcome here anytime!
Hero: The pleasure is all mine, Mr. Glume.

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