Who is Gaz?


Gaz: Hey you! Quick… c'mere.
Hero: … and who are you?
Gaz: Who is Gaz!?
Gaz: Gaz is a world famous purveyor of used weapons and armor!
Hero: So you steal things from battlefields and sell them?
Gaz: Gaz would never!
Gaz: Say, are you looking to buy a more powerful weapon?
Gaz: Gaz literally JUST got my hooks on a few new items. Barely used!
Hero: Gaz! The Voidrakar just attacked Dragonwatch!
Gaz: Exactly! That's why old Gaz has the deal of a lifetime for you! Of course he does!
Hero: What kind of deal is that!?
Gaz: A Great deal for a hero! You know… good deeds! Helping people!
Gaz: Oh, so you want me to help people and you will give me items?
Gaz: NO WAY! I want you to buy my items and then go help people.
Gaz: Be careful <hero>, and if you don't survive, just know…
Gaz: … Gaz will honor your sacrifice by selling your boots for DOUBLE what they are worth.

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